What is Driveway Selling and How to do it Safely
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Driveway jam sessions, driveway happy hours, driveway playdates.

It seems like driveways are the new hangout spot these days. When it comes to sales, you can use that to your advantage in establishing a rapport with prospective homeowners who may be feeling uneasy about having a contractor in their homes.

Driveway selling is exactly what it sounds like. It’s becoming the new kitchen table for sales conversations and can bring a much needed personal touch when it comes to selling a home project.

As we enter the “new normal” of living through a global pandemic, driveway selling is more essential to contractors than ever before. Not only does it keep both sellers and buyers healthy and safe, it’s a great way to maintain personal connections and demonstrate products to buyers in-person. Many clients may not feel comfortable using the technology available to facilitate virtual sales, so driveway sales can be a beneficial alternative that ensures both parties are able to do business while keeping safe.

Below we have rounded up our tips to facilitate a safe and effective driveway sale.


1. Prepare the homeowner.

One of the most important steps in facilitating a successful driveway sale is to prepare the homeowner so that they are comfortable with the process and to eliminate any awkwardness. Either by phone or video call, make sure the homeowner is familiar with the sales process and knows how to come prepared so that they feel safe and comfortable during the meeting. Schedule the meeting well in advance and have a weather contingency plan in place as well.


2. Assemble your PPE.

You will need to have the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) ready to go for your meeting. This includes a mask, gloves, eye protection, a table (with chairs if desired) and sanitizing equipment. You can offer to provide the buyer with PPE, but they may prefer to use their own. The most important aspect of keeping everyone safe is that both parties wear PPE and maintain social distancing.


3. Take measurements and prep your samples.

Take measurements ahead of time with the homeowner’s permission to limit the time on site and direct interactions with the customer. Be sure to bring all the samples and materials needed to make the sale. Discuss color requests and needs ahead of time as well. Bring more than enough samples and colors to leave behind to ensure that no follow-up meetings are needed. Keep all your samples in sealed bags to eliminate any cross-contamination.


4. Closing the deal and payment 

Be sure to leave behind plenty of samples and product materials with your client to limit any additional in-person follow ups and offer virtual payment methods that do not require credit card handling. Be sure your client feels comfortable following up virtually (via email, Zoom calls, etc.) to ensure completion of the sale.


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